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It’s a shame. While you are waiting for the next episode of the story about my education I’m silently walking my way. Now I have some exciting news about my education through online-classes 

I’m falling in love with a new “class” introduced by the ever so weird quirky teacher Marieke Blokland called “Course Completion Challenge“. The challenge is to complete at last one unfinished course by the end of December 2019. Well, that’s long ago by now. But I was and I am pretty sure that this is what I will follow over the next period of time. However. As long as it goes. 

Then… by the middle of December I had already changed my topic from 

  • finishing one of the classes that I started in summer 2019 to 
  • following the class that I had recently going on to 
  • working on the project – here is the point – that I started two years ago before I was stopped by health issues. 

This project was no online class but building and integrating my studio into my tiny flat. It is another story I will tell you when I’m done with the work. Stay tuned.

So no class will be finished at the end.

Still, I’ve booked hundreds of classes (maybe one hundred) and spend thousands of Euros in my self studies. I learnt a lot. But I finished only a few classes. If at all. Some for good reasons and some for other reasons. Not to tell that some of the classes are more than worth to revisit and to repeat from time to time. 

This is the plan and the promise to myself: I will go on finishing my classes, integrate them or letting them go.

Whoohooo, I’m excited about this project for 2020.

BTW: I already have a growing list of the classes that I am going to refuse in 2020. The pro here is that this is giving me an idea of what I am longing to create and learn.

The only thing I know for sure is that I love the creatures and critters who appear to me in random shapes….

26. Januar 2020 by Jutta Müller



In fact I built my studio. Additionally I decorated my backyard with a colored pencil fence. I booked no class, but on the other side I did no single brush stroke on a canvas or in my sketchbook. Totally parallized by all the matters which came along in 2020.

05. april 2021 by Jutta Müller

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