You’ll find different collections of pictures which I’m hosting in different places. Just follow the entry in the top navigation bar or the link in the discription below.

morning pages (jAlbum*) are a collection of small art pieces which I’ve made mainly from 2017 to 2019 in the morning hours on my way on public transport. Over the period of 2 years  I got appr. 700 pages.

people (jAlbum*) is the recent ongoing collection of faces and figures which I found in sidewalk crack-(photographs).

miksang (jAlbum*) is a collection of pictures of contemplative photography which I randomly shoot.

Sketchbook (J.Album*) shows some of my pictures from my different Sketchbooks

For my recent work from 2019 on just follow me on instagram.

*jAlbum is an online-gallery with some specific functions. For exemple You can select the exhibited picture via tag.