#37of75 giraffe Feb#3

day#37 of 75
giraffe feb#3

As I couldn’t find something about the artist I did more and more research. And now I knew all. BTW: It is actually a horse not a giraffe. Heinz Klein-Arendt worked this bronze sculpture in 1969 to remind of the Children of Haimon and an old european legend/saga of Bayard the miraculous horse. Here are some hints to the web which tell more very interesting facts…

… about the artist I found the best information on Wikipedia. It is not only Bayard there are pictures of some other wonderful sculptures of this artist. Here it is at 11.2.2013 09:40 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_Klein-Arendt

… about the saga I found as well the best information on Wikipedia. Here it is at 11.2.2013 09:42 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haimonskinder

… about the project “via Bayard” a school wrote a report about a further education through ‘Europäische Sagenstrasse’ (European Street of Saga – I would translate…) and the journey of some teacher to the Ardennes Here it is at 11.2.2013 09:44 http://www.bke-koeln.de/index.php?id=489

Sorry but all of them especially the one from the school are in German.

journal page in pen/ink and pencil/water-color

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