New Journal


day#52 of 75
new journal

I have that sketchbook since appr. 3 years waiting in my cupboard for being used. I thought it’s too expensiv for  sketches…. *haha* Now I’m using it. And I’m quite happy now drawing and journalling with ink and with very little water color.

So I like to tell you about the sketchbook: The paper is kind of yellow which I don’t like that much. And it is thin with 90 g/m2 but strong so that I can do some water-color washes without destroying the paper and without bleeding through the page. I use the book size of 14,8×21 cm and so I can every day easily carry the book with me. The book is from a German brand named Bindewerk and you could have it with lovely colored covers.

journal page in pen/ink and pencil/water-color

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