I Sew a Giraffe

Let me introduce you to Al:

“Hi’m Al!!”

8_al high_there


My first stuffed giraffe. Here is the process step by step:

Step one: Looking at the March assignment and the suggested “inspiration from around the web”. Oh well, there are so many stuffed giraffes. And adding them to my own ideas…. how could I decide AND finish one single stuffed giraffe??

… and being excited by this one (almost) one piece giraffe pattern.

Step two: Looking at my collection of fabrics and materials with which I could do my handcrafts. So I choise the fabric – the sleeves of my favorite shirt and one white velvet …


Step three: I designed the shape and cut it out.


Unfortunately I had at once to fix a cut in the leg, because I wasn’t very careful while cutting the shape…


Step four: Sew, sew and sew.


As I’m mostly thinking that thing have to be done for the eternity I save-sewed most of the seam with an extra ribbon.


Step five: I stuffed the giraffe with material which I found in my pillow.


Step six: Yes!! The giraffe is standing on the table by its own.


Step seven: Completed with eyes, horns, mouth. But now it is difficult to decide if I like to put spots on the giraffe…. Don’t know. So I let Al (Albino) as it is.


Look at some more details.

11_al backside

… oh … oh… Bye-bye little Al ……….


I geuss: Al is getting fed up from the photoshooting

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