… Schwarm

The poem ends with a rebus and a kind of wordplay. It’s not so easy to translate – perhaps, because I don’t really know. In German we call a cluster of birds a swarm. And we call it a swarm, if Ella’s got a crush on someone. Is it in English the same? If not, know you know what I’m talking about. That’s the story behind all:

That morning I sat on the train and saw girls talking about Ella. They flipped though photos – I guess – on a mobile device. One of them said – very fast:

Ella as a baby.

Ella in the kinder garden.

Ella on the beach.

Ella in the primary school.

Ella with her new…

That sounds to me like a nice poem – Dada-style or rap-style – and I wrote it down. Then I needed the complete week to find an illustration for this poem. At the end it turns into a cartoon.

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