A friendly giraffe

Ask a friend to draw a giraffe (instead of me). This is the assignment for the 4. week.

I asked a college at the office to draw a giraffe… she draw and wrote as she were 6 years old with a missspelling … so funny!!!

Kirsten, 6 Jare

Kirsten, 6 Jare

And after that I asked most of the other colleges. And it was not necessary to make it easy for them. They did it 🙂

it was so much fun. and I was so excited that everyone who I ask draw a giraffe on the telephone note pad that I couldn’t stop asking. I put the drawings in a collage – one of them did not want to be published with his name, so I cut all names away. my colleges are men and women in the age of 35 to 59.

Ask a friend ...

Ask a friend …

I love them all – today my favorite giraffe is the one on the bottom left.
It seems as if my colleges are giraffe- affine = giraffine 😉

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