If I Could Fly (Charity Chapman) #3

#3 if i could fly

3. day of NaNoJouMo = National Nonstop Journaling Month 2013. Learn more about the challenge http://wp.me/p1Xzy3-fd

Call me mad but i watched the time. so i took 1 hour for this to do what means collage, write, adding little color…. *ay* I’m so slow in my creating processes…

2 thoughts on “If I Could Fly (Charity Chapman) #3

  1. If 1 hour is all you took then you’re doing good!!! It takes me a minimum of 90 minutes to do a journal page to my liking. Don’t be hard on yourself! Just allow the creativity to continue to flow. You deserve an hour of your own time! This page is beautiful! Love the colors and the collage, and the affirmations!


    • Thank you !
      Yes, 1 hour is o.k. (i forced me to work in one session) but sometimes it takes a whole day with lots of breaks and waiting for my pieces to dry – and at the end I’m in danger to lost my focus and my motivation.
      So it is a challenge for me to work with more concentration which I will follow between this NaNoJouMo 2013 as long as I like.


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