influences 1

20150117 affe-frei 75dpi

Sketchbook Boot Kamp, in the week 2 the first assignment for the topic ‘stealing’ was to copy a piece of someone who influences me as close as possible. This are my thoughts and the way I choose the picture:

The first drawing teacher I met at in-person-class is Gunilla Jänichen an amazing painter and drawer. Later – not much later – I found Carla Sonheim an incredible teacher. I joined a series of her online-classes, learnt a lot and am still inspired by her style. Her art is usually based on random somethings. Thus is there nothing to copy. Sketchbook Skool came with a great variety of artist and teachers. And so on. Since I started (learning) drawing I saw so many beautiful and inspiring art and art from so many different artists. The more I draw the more I see and admire. Impossible to copy them all. So I went back to the beginning and copied a common painting of Gunilla which was shown at her exhibition „Don’t touch my pet“ in 2010.

I like her art for the great expression, the stylised character, the simple lines and the beautiful colors. The paintings and drawings are lovely but not cute, they tell a serious story, and I think they are very courageous. For more information about the artist visit www.

This is the conclusion of my copy-work:

I see that it is very difficult to work so much exact like Gunilla did to get the specific mood and expression.

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