Imaginary creatures

One year ago – or so – I started with my morning drawings and created every day a page with an imaginary critter. This was for two reasons.

First! After reading the book ‘The artists way’ from Julia Cameron I got the insight that the suggested writing a three-page morning pages would not work. For me this could only be morning drawings. There is no point for me. You can read about the starting point in my post .

Second! In September 2014 Carla Sonheim had given a bonus lesson at “Life Book 2014″ and introduce us to her working theory about “Finding your Voice”. She adds two more views to the well-known advises and suggested that you find your style in the overlap of three different views. After answering the question ‘Who I am outside my art studio?’ in my post. Now I’m using the morning pages resp. the morning drawings to find answers to the question ‘what have I done?’ – the big me-part of my work. Carla suggested to check one’s own artwork and/or to do a small series. Well, here is more than a small series. Now there are so many drawings that I’m not jet ready reviewing all of them and pondering about them related to my style. I will go on with this and find a way to present the drawings and ask you for help. For now I’m showing some of my favourite drawings or creatures in a small gallery.

Please tell me: Is your favorite drawing in my fav-gallery? Or do you miss it? Do you remember which one did you like most? I would love to read your answers in the comment section. Thank you so much for following my everyday creatures – every day.

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