20151018 flow 72%

Sometimes I’m looking helpless on my scribbles or blobs asking what will appear today… So today I managed to go with the flow of the drawing: a little critter with horns, a big eye, two ears (I was not completely convinced) and two horns, a right claw and a line to the right, a left claw… and very shy a story peeks around the corner… a line thinking of a news paper, oops an ink-accident which I turned into stamping. Well, then I started too much pondering about the next line and ruined the flow and the drawing with a pointed snout. Step back step back step back. I had to cover the line with white gel pencil. The story goes on and the creature is biting into the news paper thing. Some pattern over the stampings. Some light shading. Yes, I did something complete different 😉

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