Memento mori

Sketch Crawl Düsseldorf/Köln (NRW) on sunday 1.11.2015 at Museum Schnütgen, Cologne.

It was such a full and funny day. We met at Museum Schnütgen, Cologne and spread out. At first I followed one specific ‘way of discover the collection’ through the theme “memento mori” with sketchbook and camera.

20151101 sleeping putto 72%The museum is located in a 1000 years old church with an amazing architecture. I discovered a spiral stair – that’s all I dared to draw of the building. I tried to focus on the darks and lights. Although it is only a small spot after a (long) while I lost my patience and my focus.

20151101 downstairs 72%The museum is connected with another museum and there a lot of people were celebrating “dia de los muertos” with music and extra dishes and an altar for the dead people and many possibilities to buy mexican things. Some of us found themself sitting among the party drawing and chatting and having fun drawing people and getting drawn by people …

That was after a woman shooed me away from my object just in that moment when I got the flow in scribbling my art.

20151101 uma 72%

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