“The World of Tim Burton”

tB#1 IMG_5535

My visit(s) to the exhibition “The World of Tim Burton” at the Max-Ernst-Museum in Brühl (Rhineland). There is so much to discover. I was not allowed to take any photograph so I have only the official website and I had to draw and to copy from the exhibits. Here are some pages:

tB collage-2015-12-16

And here are some views (on WDR 3) from the exhibits at the vernissage.

Now only a few days are left until the show will close its doors in Brühl – so you have to hurry up for your visit until 3rd of January 2016. Because “part of an international tour that began in Prague and traveled to Tokyo and Osaka, the show is now in the Rhineland, and will go to Sao Paulo afterward.” “The museum presents more than 500 mostly color drawings, paintings, film puppets, maquettes, storyboards, personal documents, and much more.”

One more thing to notice. In his interview the curator Dr. Sommer asked Tim Burton “Many of your characters are developed over a long period (..) What fascinates you about the characters that inspires you to develop them further info film characters?” Here is the answer “There are certain aesthetics I like and they appear in more than one of my characters. I also think that…” (my favourite quote:)

“… I just have a limited drawing range so everything looks the same!”

That thrills me.

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