It started with an A…

I’m joining the year-long online class with Carla Sonheim'”Y” is for Yellow’ (here  is more about it). Every other week we will get a new assignment. Along with an ABC-notebook which we may fill over the year letter by letter and page by page with words, inspiration, name of artist etc we started with A and a lot of drawings under the topic “A is for animals”.

They are – of course in the typical habit of Carla – to do in different exersises. Here are my (own) favourite drawings. Some wrong-handed, some eyes-closed, memorized, some as smudgies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I love about them is the beauty of the randomness. Some look like cave art. And the more I watch them the more I like them!!

Now we are going on to “B”. But I will take this little drawings further.

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