It’s followed by a B…

I’m joining the year-long online class with Carla Sonheim ‘”Y” is for Yellow’ (here  is more about it). Every other week we will get a new assignment. This week we have the “B is for blue”. A great exercise to train the hand-eyes-coordination and to study the value and the first mix-media assignment get me busy all week-long.

gallery 4.2 52%

Small gallery on my (kitchen)wall with the work of the week.

Here are some blue blind contour drawings. Blind drawing that’s looking only at your reference/object and without looking at your paper.  Mostly you will get funny drawings. Sometimes not. Anyway. The next step we had to decide on the value and add darks and mid value in two different colors. All in blue – the line work and the value. These should give you an idea of  “blue blind contour drawing” – another exciting exercise by Carla Sonheim – which I add to my daily drawing practice.

“Distorted Master Piece” is the name of the little paintings where we “copied” from the blue period of Picasso: A cheater blind contour drawing of the portrait painted in blue water-color on top of the covered light areas. Layer to layer, from light to dark. Not even an easy technic. (sorry for the bad quality/light of the photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I worked out 4 of the paintings. More or less on the masking technic.


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