There is a C then, of course.

I’m joining the year-long online class with Carla Sonheim ‘”Y” is for Yellow’ (here  is more about it). Every other week we will get a new assignment. This week we have the “C is for childlike”. I had great fun with the childlike drawings and the “Cut Contour Collage”.

smal gallery IMG_7487

Smal gallery on my (kitchen)wall with the work of the week.

This are some examples of the childlike drawings which should not necessarily look like childrens drawings but were made in a mood and feeling of the child that I were a long time ago.

The “Cut Contour Collage” secret is here: you cut the contour of your reference and then you arrange the scap pieces around untill you find a picture. Let me show you the process of my first set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cut out, glue down with gesso, paint with acrylic, scratch with sand paper…


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