SBS Polishing

After having them all joined from “Beginning” in April 2014, “Seeing” in July 2014, “Storytelling” in october 2014, “Boot Kamp” in January 2015 to “Stretching” in April 2015 (I skipped “Expressing”) I’m back at Sketchbook Skool.

The right klass at the right time: “Polishing


You see D., I. and me saying “so then untill later!” and hugging us: D. hugs I., I. hugs me, me hug D…. then saying bye for a while “So then” – I remember that this took 20 minutes every time we were going to separate.

The first lesson is about comics in an all sense – from kids comics along underground comics to graphic novels. That’s when a lot of memories came across and I found my first (and maybe only) comic that I stored over 20 years.I’m so existed about remembering and revisiting all the stories and memories which I had drawn in my early drawing time that I couldn’t find my way to the exercises – for a while…


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