Playfull and cozy

I’m going to join an exhibition with my imaginary creatures. I’ve nourished my work and paused for a while. Waiting for inspiration on what will come next. And now I’ve the opportunity to show my morning pages together with paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs etc. from my like-minded artists colleagues at the office. Unfortunately it isn’t a public exhibition. The exhibition will run from 21.6. until 31.7.2017. I’m super excited that I’m part of it.

Let the imaginary creatures free!

If you like visit my gallery to explore what I’m planing to bring to the show. I had to decide and only the imaginary unknown creatures can join: 15 creatures in frames, lots and lots of creatures in a slide show, some examples about the making of. Exciting!!!

Please, dear friends, tell me what you think about it. Thank you so much.

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