Ready for the canvas

20180408_onehour_img_6809 web

that’s how far I painting in the first session

Behind the scene – well – I’m struggling with getting some art work done. And I’m trying to figure out what is holding my back, Today I followed that urgent feeling to put some paint down. On that odd prepared paper that was starring at me for weeks dangling on my front door. It is 100 x 150 cm (appr. 39 x 59 ”) large. A nice size. Due to a lack of space I had to work on the floor. That’s pretty nice too. But afterwards I noticed that it bugs me to prepare that arrangement on the floor, it bugs me to work carefully or to destroy the paper (and paint on my floor)… you get the point.

Until now I was refusing the canvas and loving the work on odd paper. Now, suddenly, I’m feeling ready for the canvas to put more joy into the large painting work.

20180215_starter..._img_6805 web

some cheap wrap paper with my starting marks of water-soluble oil pastel

20180408_limitedtools_img_6806 web

limited palette and tools for today’s painting


when i trapped to paper off the front door I found this left over painting palette very inspiring

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