New Year, New Me

I put some resolutions on my to do list. Seriously. I’m not the kind of person who usually do so. Nor am I the kind of person who talks about it. But now I will give it a try.




Well, this is my word play.

After having experienced a year of huge pain I now see a slow process of RECOVERY. The plan: I will work on rescueing my health and my active daily life.

The same goes for my connection and RELATIONSHIP. You, my friends, matter to me. And because you are interested in my life and I’m interested in sharing my story I will keep my blog regularly updated. And showing up in real life too. I promis.

And my artwork will get its RELEVANCE back. To do so I’m going to focus my energy and creativity to one single topic “collage”. And to get my pencil moving I’m following the sketchbook-challenge.

You can learn more about the “year of the collage” – a online class with Carla Sonheim here and about the “sketchbook challenge” with Sue Bleiweiss here on her blog.

At this point I was gathering and organizing my collage paper that I collected over the last years.

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