Fascination of painting

quick and very reduced (appr. 65 x50 cm)

When I started painting I had the fortune to have enough spare time for visiting a class on tuesday morning called “Faszination Malerei” (fascination of painting). That time lasted not long because I had to take on a new day job. But I remember this time and the fun very well and I was thinking back to it very often: that gorgous studio unter the roof top with a broad view over the city, the easels and plenty of space for large work, a small group of 4 to 5 people and the joy of freedom.

Recently I got the opportunity to sort my day job and give myself a free tuesday morning time. So, I proof my glorified memory with reality.

And, bam! reality changed to something complete different. And so did I and my needs – I guess.

Well, it was worth it to doublecheck my dream – or maybe here shows a desire up –  with the given truth.

So I’m able to close the chapter with some impressions of the first large paintings I did in 2011.

I painted two and a half hour, then I turned it upside down and some kind of people approved on the left side – I was thrilled! (app. 65 x 50 cm)

The assignment was to mirror or invert the colors of the given reference. Geehhh, my love for bright color is not deniable.
(app. 65 x 50 cm)

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