Street art field study

After being hit by the thought that it would be fun to draw my sidewalk crack people directly on the street, I did some field studies in my backyard with the crayons which I already had or could get my hands on quickly.


  • A: soft pastel (Pastell kreide fettfrei) koh-i-noor Toison d’or
  • B: oil pastel (Pastell Ölkreide) Jaxon
  • C: chalk (Strassenkreide) from 1-Euro-Shop for 39 Cent

I looked for the quality of color, blending, applying on the washed-out concrete tiles – the wash away quality will be answered after the next rainy days.

The colors of A and B look good and bright. C has not enough color choices for artistic drawings, they are pale and there is no black available.

The blending with the greaseless crayons A and C works great. And – of course – the oil pastels don’t let blend on that ground.

The big chalk sticks C are good for large areas, whereas the small sticks A and B are quickly finished so that it would be laborious to draw a bigger area.

The research is going on.

But thinking of C, hey, look at David Zinn working with chalk and charcoal (I could find at last use for my collection of charcoal) at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival – here we have nearly an instructional video….


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