Painting with Emma Petitt

In this series about my education and teachers I like to tell you about my recently favourite teacher: Emma Petitt

I accidentally found her offer of a free class at the end of 2018. And in my excitement I joined every class in 2019 that came across since then:

Freedom lies in boldness (via Art is Magic)

The raw of silence (via J.Oliver)

The language of hands (via Art is Magic)

The most important thing is – believe it or not: I learnt that I can paint over. Really I did. Now. After 9 years of art making I not only know it but I feel it and live it.

I can t get enough of listening and watching her loose engaged lessons about the figure, the face and – now – the hands.

I have some assignments to fulfill over all recent and past classes. And here are some of my playful large paintings for you to cheer me up.



What I got from the classes?

Emma pushed me in the right direction.

oo reasured my upcoming belonging to paint large.

oo met my love for wonky and wobbely lines and figures

oo makes the use of unusual colors more familiar and comfortable to me

IMG_2011 fob w.4 l.1 scale and size 7.6.19

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