The Beginning

Let s have a look at the very beginning when I felt the urge to express myself creatively. Back then I struggled with my writing into my journals. Over the last 35 years I had written every thought down in my journals. Sometimes more often, sometimes less. I really had tried to get rid of this habit with the result of a two year gap in my journal practise which I really regret. But the thing is this: I had a feeling of not been able to learn from this thoughts and analysis. As often I flipped through my journals I found the thought that felt that day so very new to me already written down the other day and another day too and a day far ago… I was frustrated.

That planted the idea of drawing my journal. And as it goes I found the exactly right class  named “Tagebuch zeichnen” (‘visual journalling’ or so) with Gunilla Jähnichen in person.

I loved that class so much and spend hours with my drawings.

At that time I started the self studies and discovered Betty Edwards “Garantiert zeichnen lernen (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain )”,  Quentin Blake “Zeichnen für verkannte Künstler (Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered)” und Carla Sonheim’s online class “The Art of Silliness”.

But back to the visual journalling class. Gunilla came up with the idea to draw up to 6 events of the day on one sheet of paper or – as a variation – the events from one week. 

2010-10-28 diary

The diary sheet for one day – as an example.

2010-11-4bis10 weeklary

the diary sheet for one week – as an example

And then I found “Yi” and lost her because I’ve made the mistake to show her to another person/teacher who said “What should that be? You are not even able to draw…”. R.I.P. Yi 😦

The secret behind Yi is that I’ve tried to express my emotion through the body movement. And this was a very satisfying work for me. But as said I’ve lost her.

Nevertheless here are some of the drawings. At first she had no hands or feet. Then Gunilla asked me to add them.

dienstags 1.2.2011

handundfussmix 2011-02-13

Only after one year Gunilla moved to Berlin and was no longer able to teach the class.

goodbye gunilla 2011-03-05

One of my favorite painting of her is the girl with the monkey which I copied once in an online class.

Don’t miss to check out her website

20150117 influences.jpg

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