June Assignment

giraffe painting #1

Acryl ‘primary magenta’ on chocolate wrap paper “noisette” 24.6.2013

giraffe painting #2

Acryl ‘primary cyan’ on chocolate wrap paper “caramel brownies” 28.6.2013

After all – in June I only manage to paint one or two little giraffes.

Yes, I struggle with this assignment “Paint the Giraffe!” Really. I wanted to paint big. But. My apartment is toooo small. I spend some days thinking of painting the street or painting my fence. But before I was ready with thinking we got a lot of bad weather. Then I took some wood, painted it with gesso, connected the three tray to one “canvas”, covered this canvas with blobs and pledges…. But. Ups. I have only little tubes of color. And only three color. I feel too lazy to learn more about mixing colors. And I run out of colors and – a shame – I feel suddenly miserly to buy more or big tubes of color.

No space.

No color.

No patient.

Now I’m waiting for the refreshing of my motivation….

One thing at the end: I scribbled creatures and giraffes instead of dogs – inspired by #1 June: Blue Dog Go with Carla Sonheim. I like very much drawing in old telefon books; this were some pages with maps. And I really like this cute giraffe

giraffe scribble #1

Giraffe scribble – inspired by “Blue Dog Go” Fun Drawing Worksheet for Kids with Carla Sonheim