Room of Creativity

It’s almost done. I moved my space for creative thing from the edge of my dinner table into my separate ‘Room of Creativity’!


edge of my dinner table in my living room

Every time when I change the use of the table I had to put all things away. From a table for drawings and paintings to a office desk, from office desk to a table for breakfast and dinner, from the table for meeting friends at the dinner to a table where I could paint and draw and so on. Everything in this little edge. I could never leave any work alone.

Now it is done – almost.


RoC look out

Sitting at my turquoise desk on the chair with my feed on the turquoise carpet I have the view right out of the window.

The only guest in my RoC is the complete wardrobe because this room was my bed room before and my flat is too little to find another place for the wardrobe. In “2014 Year of Fairy Tale” – the online class with Carla Sonheim – I hope to cover the wardrobe front with paint. Some mystery landscape. Some dragon creatures. Who knows…


RoC look1 in

The guardian over my door is – of course – the wooden giraffe sculpture.

(Ay oh, the orange bags are filled with paper snippets. I save them for creating with pappmache – some day….)


RoC look2 in

And I left one whole wall free if there should be the need to paint big… And I’m sure that I will have to in the online class with Flore Bowley “Bloom True” in February 2014.


RoC look up

I needed two weeks for all rearrangements between living room and bed room. And now it is almost done. The only work that is left is to renew the lightning.

I’m so proud that I’ve finished this work at last. YaY!!

2 thoughts on “Room of Creativity

  1. Whoa! I adore how you call it “separate room” and “room of creativity.” Your rooms are beautiful and serene and not cluttered! I was going to ask what was in the large orange bags then you answered that question. Ah, I missed “Bloom True” class…have wished to take one of her classes. I’m so happy you have an art studio space. Wish we were actual neighbors….dinner, tea and art.


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