No brushes needed

A new lesson with Flora Bowley.

Well, all my paintings from the class ‘Bloom true’ in February 2014 are not finished untill now. They are still waiting for me. But this week I took on the challenge of Flora’s lesson for Life Book 2014 “Brave intuitive painting – no brushes needed”.

At first I walked around the wild to pick up new painting tools, speak everything which I could use for mark making and at the first place for stamping,

20140917_painting_tools_img_2771 75dpi

flowers and nut shells to make marks, root tuber for cutting stamps and so on

My goal was to paint the suggested two paintings in one – sort of – flow. I use the hairdryer to get my work done faster. And so I worked layer and layer and more layers untill the light has gone too red and the dawn arrived. So I called my paintings done. And I only allow to have a look at them with fresh eyes the next morning and make the last frosting layer. Yay, I did it!!

Second painting, first:

20140919 #2.5 IMG_2813 75dpi

2. painting

I was hating this one from the second layer on through most of the time of the painting process. No sooner than I had finished the frosting layer this morning I was happy with this. In the gallery you will find the pictures of the whole process.

First painting, at last:

20140919 #1.5 IMG_2808 75dpi

I was quiet happy with this painting at the end of the day. So I had no more important work to do with it. But after finishing the second painting in the morning I was no longer happy with this first one. Life goes on…. In the gallery you will find the pictures of the whole process.

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