Release into the world

Here is something new: a morning painting over the period of – well – nearly two weeks. I had a left-over piece of bristol paper with an ink and water-color experiment which I tore into 4 pieces. This is one of them and its progress.

It’s so amazing that I didn’t realize that I painted nearly the same look and theme than my first morning painting “superwoman”. I’m a bit appalled about that.

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How it worked: ink on left over bristol piece – collage piece and oil pastel crayons – more oil pastel – a thin coat of mate medium – another collage piece and water-color – some more oil pastel and finishing touches

After a new assignment at class “Y is for Yellow” with Carla Sonheim where we were painting or drawing with oil pastels I stuck to these supplies. I never thought of it because they are stinky and messy and dirty but recently I love the oil pastels…

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