I wonder if…

20161117-office-art-0001-52A friend asked me to write a short something about how I’m living as an artist and keep staying business administrator or how  do I fit in art and creativity into my life as a business administrator. Well, you know that I am no words person and no eloquent writer. So after trying to write some sentences this is what happened to me by the end of that week: I took a piece of paper and every breathing space  I put down some strokes all day long over the stressful time at the office. I call it “office art” (working title)

I didn’t tought so much when I started this piece of  “office art” along the very stressful day. When I’m at home I soon saw her. Can you see it? No, yes:

That was fun. I traced it twice on bristol paper to paint the character:


I wonder if …

Oil pastels on pre-water-color background. That’s a great way to mix colors on the paper. I wondered if everything went right at the office.


the new handbag

Water-solouble marker (tombow) and water – then washi tape. The handbag was the first thing I saw in the basic piece. So here’s a fashion show.

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