Every year


As always at the beginning of every year … well, I have to admit we are close to eastern and the beginning of the year is long time gone.

Can you believe that I haven’t been here since July 2020. This time I don’t promise anything and I don’t try to follow a plan. I’m just here today.

After finishing the class “Foundations” with Liz Steel I got the favour to work with the intro lessons to the “Sketchbook design” class. Although I had not planned to join the class (because I didn’t sketch that much the last months) I thought it would be fun to start a new sketchbook practise.

Inspired by Liz Steels intro lesson #1 to the online class Sketchbook Design

This goes pretty well. There are a lot prompts and inspirations out there in the online community.

I took on a lot of challenges and joined the class “Sketchbooking” with Lewis Rosignoll. Especially the lesson about the grid drawing reminds me of a practise that I followed years ago at the time when I first started with visual journalling. I love that.

Untill this point most of my work is ready to share. Therefore you get here a look into my book that I filled in the last four months.

But I’m still looking for the right sketchbook practise for me. 

Do I love urban sketching?

Is it more about drawing daily matter?



How to get my emotions on the page?

Can I live with it if it’s not a pretty page?

So it is possible that I go and forget about sharing for the sake of practise, practise, practise..


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