In my cellar

I was feeling the need of decluttering my space for days or already weeks or mybe years. But therefore I reasonably had to clean and organize my cellar room. But I was struggling and pondering with a question:

When will be the best time to do this?

And when will I feel energized enough to start and finish it?

One week ago on sunday I’ve gotten the answer when I discovered that my cellar room was floated with water and that lots of my stuff were ruined. The answer to all my questions and struggles was:


Now I really had to get my cellar room sorted and cleaned up.


One thought on “In my cellar

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re suffering from a flood. I know about the need to declutter. I’m happily trying it on one little thing thrown away at a time at present. Perhaps having to do it, like you, in the end works faster. But I’m sure it’s not very nice to be forced like this. 😦 Good luck.


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